Did any of you go and read the windows scripting host documentation?
Did any of you get curious to see if it could be done?
We all started bitching.
STOP IT! Children, please!

I don't see any flames, just people offering their opinion, I even got thanked for mine. grin

At the same time no-one is disputing that mIRC scripting has a few shortfalls. It all comes down to the necessity to include support for other things. The thread has already unearthed some interesting findings too, raw mIRC coding craps all over MDX for a start. I'm not flaming MDX here, it serves a purpose (makes dialogues look pretty and in some cases more functional), that is the point though, you support more languages, protocols, or whatever and the standard that is alleged to not exist becomes even less of a standard.

The other thing is the 'market' for what you want included. There is not a large number of people who would utilise the WSH or script in Perl if mIRC came to support it. How many people add DLL's to mIRC? How many people use MDX or even MTS? Hundreds, thousands but certainly not the millions who use mIRC.

I'd like to see resources put into things that most people will find a use for, and bugfixes.