My gripe is the apparent attitude that a few people have in regards to mIRC that mIRC scripting is just a hurdle to be jumped over in order to get to 'the good languages' via DLLs and COM objects. If Khaled went to the trouble of making a language don't you think it's worth a little bit of the user's time to see if that can do the required job more easily before looking to other languages?


Now; try to get a team of scripters synchronising your efforts and creating a managable, functional, clean script. We have no standards because mIRC isn't picky. It gets messy. COM objects and DLLs create a method of writing object orientated, modular code: it has a front end, and middle bit and the bit you can't see.
Its a lot neater and if you have documentation its a much neater and *better planned* outcome.

Aliases are meant to be reusable recyclable code. But they can't do anything in the way of multithreading. A DLL utilises memory far better than an interpreted script. A COM object (or Active X DLL, not the same) does the same. You have a neat package of functions and hopefully the documentation to go with.

mIRC is not a hurdle to get to the "good langauges". Would I use a COM object or DLL to write sickeningly pink colored popups? No. Would I use it to work with sockets? No. mIRC already has all of this.
What if I want to sort lists by a "human" method. (1,2,11, not 1,11,2)
Or use fuzzy logic type "sounds like" type sorting criteria?
(Go look @ PHP documentation)A COM object/DLL allows this freedom. If your an animal more at home with javascript than mIRCscript, I'm pointing out here and now that hey, you CAN work with javascript in mIRC. COM objects alll the way.

Did any of you go and read the windows scripting host documentation?
Did any of you get curious to see if it could be done?
We all started bitching.
STOP IT! Children, please!

Nothing is usurping anything. There's a reason I suspect Khaled included DLL and COM support. He's fundamentally lazy (as all good coders should be) and has decided to let US as the mIRC community to carry on development of all of the pointless suggestions many of us come up with. I know I've thought of a few damn good n useless ones.
stop ranting about "i don't like your coding attitude too". Its what makes people fight holy wars over piddling little bits of land. Each to their own. Stop dragging each other down. I quite agree with starbucks_mafia on that one.

*pant, pant*

'nuff ranting. I'm off to do something useful with my life