cracking ? who what? pointing out that you can pay a helluva lotta money for the difference between someting with 1k of registry data is what i'm saying.

mIRCscript isn't very well organised at all; if you've ever sampled java, c++, or any real programming language you'll know the other end of the scale. Javascript, *script, etc have sacraficed a lot of features to become a scripting langauge, rather than a programming language, but at least you can work with arrays, objects, etc in them. For these reasons i purport that they are better _scripting_ languages

The complete lack of OOP type features in mIRC script is kinda sad, because we've ended up with butchery between low-level functions and high level functions (/quote & /me respectively), event driven & procedural code... Its a hodgepodge of functions which don't conform too well... AT least it is backwards compatable, in most part.

well i'll rant back later.