i think, CloCkWeRX don't meant mirc script is bad for everything
just bad for complex project

every script engine have it's own job
mirc script is simple to do simple job
but not simple to do complex job
mirc script is a confused language cos it just exten from a very very simple script language, (even not be caledl a language)

it have little logical on the language itself.
how can us write a logical script(program) by it?

and i totally agree with codemastr

but i wonder if Khaled will support for other language
while he worked hard to make such simple mirc scripting language and own such wonderful and complex library(those $** functions in /help)
perhaps only 1% chances he will decide to do so

maybe codemastr can write a dll to load another scripting language for mirc
and use a script to pass events to dll

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