This is a post about the general bits which i'm not acutally sure if it IS feasable, but it sounds like it. Anyone who can do this, msg me or email me, please.

VBscript,Jscript,PERLscript,etc for mIRC exists.

Let me ramble a little, I'll get to my point later. First off, mIRC script is, and always will be, a bastard child with crippled fingers. It is a loosely typed, messy little scripting language - and I love it to bits. Type conversion? Conversion, smeh! If you are anything like me you created your first popup and thought "d00d, you are so l33t. See what else you can do".
So the obsession starts. Not just with mIRC, you might dabble in other things. Other scripting langauges. Programming langauges. Assembly even, if you get too hardcore. You then look back at mIRC, which you still use to chat, and decide to do something with it, really really flashy and cool.
Thats when it hits you. You can't use pointers or arrays, or a lot of other nifty things. So you script around them. You end up with a lot of unmodular spaghetti code. You feel sick. You throw it away and start over, trying new tricks. In the end you probably read the bit in the help file about DLLs.
Ooh. Ahh. Nifty. I don't havce a microshaft product, so I'll find another langauge to work in. No one has tutorials for DLLs written entirely in assembly, expressly for mIRC. In a haze of desparation you find MSDN and start reading about windoze.
Eventually you come across COM objects - I took the long way.

What are they? How can they be used? Where's the damn documentation?
You whip out the wokring model of visual basic 6 (yes, its free), you find certain registry entries and OOPS you've defrauded good ole bill out of a few ivory backscratchers, but on the plus side you can make (now) ActiveX DLLs, and you can step into the world of COM.
Not everyone can find teh working model
Not everyone likes visual basic - but they can't be stuffed learning C++

mid rant breather break.... inhale... exhale

Windows Scripting Host, ver 5.6 documentation

Quote 1:
"WSH provides the ability to create COM components. "
-Introducing Windows Script Components, Windows Script Components

Quote 2:
"Generally, you write scripts in either Microsoft JScript or VBScript, the two script engines that ship with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and Millennium Editions. You can use other script engines, such as Perl, REXX, and Python, with Windows Script Host.
Note: For more information, see Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) ("
-Available Script Engines, Hosting Environments and Script Engines
Quote 3:
"Windows Script engines can be developed for any language or run-time environment, including:
Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript)

Quote 4:

If you read those you might guess where I'm heading. Not only do I me0w, I'm crazy too. So crazy that I thought, hang on, if I can make a COM object in Jscript (Microsoft Flunky JavaScript), AND register it, and I can do the same with ANY language that has libraries written for WSH (Windoze Sleepy Host), I can do what ever I please and get away with it. FREE! *throws out exspensive C++ editors for a moment*

So it all comes down to this: You know HTML, you probably can pick up xHTML (eXtensible HTML). You can do that, you have the idea behind XML. XML + Jscript|VBscript|*script + WSH = COM Objects. COM Objects + mIRC = all good.

When you read the help file I pick up a feeling that everyone's fav client author didn't realise this existed so easily in the form of windoze scriptng host. Be excited.

In conclusion, I say this:
mIRCscript is limited
*script is not. Shut up and use it smile don't post "I think we should have PERLscript" for mIRC. You do. Already. I think. me0w.

What is need for this to all work:
-Better documented help file in regards to COM. Its bulky, and obscure, and not very much like the rest of mIRC's easy to understand examples.
-Developers to write tutorials for developing in *script.

Final Quote:
"mIRC allows you to call COM objects via scripts. You must have experience with COM objects in order to use this feature." You better believe it.