However, personally I don't like the insinuation that such languages are far superior to mIRC scripting because quite frankly they're not. mIRC scripting is a hell of a lot more focused...

Exactly the point I raised. I just did it more eloquently but perhaps more open-endedly.

I never mentioned whether or not COM objects were already supported, I merely made reference to mIRC itself via it's scripting editor getting the possibility of supporting other languages. I can see why some people want it but I think it would spoil an already good thing, mIRC's uniqueness in the respect that it has it's own scripting language which most of it's users enjoy playing with.

My personal view, unrelated to any comments is this: No language is superior to any other. It is a case of whatever works in a given situation and even the humble mIRC script has it's rightful place in the wide world of c0de.