Well I seem to have started an verging on flamishness post.

Here's the abbreviated point of my original post, which many of you ignored and argued amongst yourselfs about.

COM object support in mIRC allows you to overcome some of the flaws in mIRC as a scripting language. Suppose you want to use and manipulate arrays, if you knwo the Jscript, VBscript or any script which can be supported by WSH and the XML to create your COM object, whammo! Instant code which is leaping high above mIRC script in some areas.

You don't need to run out and buy Visual Basic 6/.NET to do it. It can be done free, and with a microsoft product. I know. Wow. Did you say free and microsoft *IN THE SAME SENTENCE*

Another thing. AS far as I know it no one has written an AI bot for mIRC. It is possible to use LISP with WSH, and therefor create COM objects. All of a sudden you have an AI language working with mIRC and you don't have to mess around with sockets and A.L.I.C.E bot.

Debugging: WSH debugs scripts alot better than mIRC (which only checks for brackets and control structures being OK). You can find a syntax highlighting editor for javascript, xml, and mixed code etc. All of a sudden you can use somehting like editplus to code in mIRC. (Editplus is a programming orientated notepad clone... go frisk the net for it and try it... customisable sytnax highlighting, language models... too much to list)

COM objects are nice because they are objects. You can create countless _instances_ of the same object, and I know you can call COM objects from COM objects. So can you imagine creating a multithreaded COM object which does 5-10 things at once while mIRC thinks its only doing one thing...

And finally:
The point of my post was to get someone who knows WSH/Jscript/XML to see if they could actually create a mIRC implementable COM object. I've got too much stuff to do on the side. Its possibly in theory; I'm calling for people to prove me right or wrong.
The COM section needs an overhaul or at least some links to relevant MSDN articles. The mIRC community has failed to produce much in the way of tutorials, I've had to hunt all over efnet and trbz is never in. There are coders and mIRCers who can do it, they just hide.