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I have find the default mIRC Font Fixedsys with support of unicode ! It's called Fixedsys Excelsior and it look exactly like the default one.. But with support of unicode(of course it doesn't support all language like the 6mb Bitstream Cyberbit).
The lastest version what i was able to find is 2.0.

The official site seem to be dead/down(but still a archive copy here), the last author message on the board, date 06-08-2004, he said what a new version will be released in a month, but it seem to be 2006 now, and no new version..

Unicode ranges:
On this site i find what Fixedsys Excelsior 1.3 support(i was unable to find other sources for v. 2.0):
Basic Latin; Latin-1 Supplement; Latin Extended-A; Latin Extended-B; IPA Extensions; Spacing Modifier Letters; Combining Diacritical Marks; Greek; Cyrillic; Armenian; Hebrew; Arabic; Thai; Latin Extended Additional; Greek Extended; General Punctuation; Superscripts and Subscripts; Currency Symbols; Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols; Letterlike Symbols; Number Forms; Arrows; Mathematical Operators; Miscellaneous Technical; Control Pictures; Optical Character Recognition; Enclosed Alphanumerics; Box Drawing; Block Elements; Geometric Shapes; Miscellaneous Symbols; Dingbats; CJK Symbols and Punctuation; Hiragana; Katakana; Alphabetic Presentation Forms; Arabic Presentation Forms-A; Small Form Variants; Arabic Presentation Forms-B; Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms; Specials; Ethiopic; Cherokee; Ogham; Runic; Mongolian; Braille Patterns


Also i make some mirrors, just in case..

Installation of the font:
To install the font you must copy the fsex2p00_public.ttf from archive to the fonts dir from windows directory.
Click start->run type: fonts, the fonts directory will be opened. Copy the fsex2p00_public.ttf to this directory.
Now you can select the font from mIRC Font box.

Flash Video instalation of the font and activate UTF-8 for Channels and Private Messages Windows: (533kb)

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