I know that. I bet you assume I didn't know that because I requested for $noop() to be unoverridable.

Actually I was assuming you were capable of taking a hint. The hint being that $null() doesn't exist, but $noop() would and hence wouldn't be overridable.

Turns out I was wrong, since you needed the two replies from Sat that spelt it out before you caught on.

I was replying to your arrogant and inaccurate response to the polite and correct point made by FaiNT (who you'll note said $null not $null()).

Why is backwards compatibility a factor here? /noop has only been introduced with the last version.

The only reason you think /noop should be non-overridable is because some scripts come with a /noop alias. If mIRC made /noop non-overridable then those scripts would cease to work (assuming that their /noop alias did something). If the script's /noop alias did nothing then there is no problem in the first place.

Of course, madewokherd already said exactly the same thing.

Besides, it's not like mIRC hasn't ever broken scripts due to changes, remember $null's behaviour changing in an older version, which broke a lot of scripts.

It has done it before, but you don't need to look far in versions.txt to find a number of places where depreciated features have been left in for the sake of compatability.