Good explanation, I had just read the whats new, and was trying to think of what a /NOOP command could have been for.

AS for not beinga able to over ride it, I dont like that idea, in the future Im sure someone well want to override it for some odd reason.

My personal thought is all $identifiers should be overrideable also maybe with a extra switch, like alias -l for local alias, but -i for identifier (only?) alias.

MY other REAL gripe is how aliases in the ALIAS section take pressidence over the remotes section, I beleive it should be the other way around, reasoning is that by carefull manipulation of groups, you can replace a default command such as /echo, and then have your alias call echo again allowing anyone elses custom alias of /echo to function as well with your manipulated data, however if there is an /echo alais under alieses, your out of luck.

(sorry for off topic)