For consistency's sake, I think it would be nice to officially have the identifier equivalent of /noop, being $noop()

I would like for both /noop and a hypothetical $noop() to be unoverridable by scripted versions. Currently, coders are basically forced to use !noop to ensure that the correct noop alias is called. It would be nice to be able to know it can't be overriden, so we don't need to include that exclamation mark all the time. (It is common to use !.echo -q, which is basically the same as the new /noop)

The same would have to apply to $noop() make it unoverridable, as here the case is worse, you can't really use it because you can't use ! to make mIRC call the built-in version like you can with a command. (technically there is a way, but it doesn't help for our case)

Currently $null() also suffers from this, the fact that a user may have a null alias installed, means you cannot use $null() in your scripts.