I didn't say a sane user wouldn't override it. Backward compatibility is probably a very good reason to do so, and I wasn't aware that people were using it before. What I don't think a sane user would do is override it so that it breaks scripts.

Do the current popular noop aliases do nothing, and if so, what's the problem?

If some of them do have an effect, then scripts with that alias will be broken in some way no matter what you do. Making /noop not overrideable would cause the other script to break instead of yours.

There are two ways to cope with that situation (where there are common broken /noop implementations, which may or may not actually be the case). One is to make your own noop alias, which always does nothing (alias noop return); this would probably make things slower, but it has the advantage of backward compatibility. The other is to use !noop all the time and require mIRC 6.17.

So if a lot of people do currently have a /noop alias that does something, then I would say, yes, it should be made unoverrideable. Maybe some breakage could be avoided by making the aliases work if called from the same file.

And no, I wouldn't mind the loss of flexibility. There probably are no practical uses of overriding /noop with an alias that does something. But however small, it is a loss, and it should only be considered if there are real advantages, not just theoretical problems it would solve that no one really ever has or probably ever will.

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