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Scripts & Popups
Yesterday at 08:50 PM
Anope does support the CLEAR command, as well as others intended for closing channels, like SERVERADMIN SUSPEND and SERVERADMIN FORBID.
See the help documentation @ https://www.anope.org/docgen/1.8/en_us/ChanServ.html
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Connection Issues
Yesterday at 05:41 PM
First thing I'd check is whether your download folder has write permissions. Such as trying to install mIRC in a way where it tries to keep the download files below c:\program files\.

Were you seeing an error message in the "status window" when receiving a file? By default, mIRC installs mirc.exe into the folder where you install it, but uses c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\mirc\ for placing mirc.ini and puts the download folder as a subfolder beneath that. Pasting these commands into any editbox shows what is being used as these folders:

//echo -a mirc.exe is located here: $mircexe
//echo -a mirc.ini is located here: $mircdir
//echo -a downloads go here: $getdir(test.txt)

Note that download location can differ if you have defined a different location for different filetypes, so you might need to use test.zip or test.jpg instead.

Another problem could be your firewall settings. The first time you try to download a file using each c:\pathname\mirc.exe it asks if you want to allow it to download files. If you click NO, it won't ask you again, so you'd need to either install again elsewhere or edit your firewall settings.

You're vague about why you can't connect. Is it only that network you can't reach, or are you unable to connect to all networks? If you've installed mirc so it tries to use a read-only folder, that can also affect how mIRC tries to connect, as it would have trouble writing settings to disk for the next time it tries to run.
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Connection Issues
Yesterday at 05:18 PM
My mIRC IRCHighway connection suddenly fails to deliver data file to my mIRC download area. I logged off mIRC and reinstalled the application... but now I'm having trouble connecting. Can someone assist?

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Scripts & Popups
23/06/19 04:03 PM

; Oper Tools for TheArkNet
; by Raccoon 2019

; This script assumes that opers are not subject to excess flood disconnect.
; You can access this tool from menu by right-clicking the channel chat area.
; Actions are logged to operclosechan.log
; Example: /operclosechan #badchan You guys are misbehaving!

; /OperCloseChan <#channel_name> <reason_required>
ALIAS OperCloseChan {
  var %chan = $1, %reason = $2-
  if (!%chan) { echo -atic notice * Usage: /OperCloseChan #channel_name This channel is closed due to violation. | return }
  if (!%reason) { echo 4 -ati * OperCloseChan: You MUST specify a reason for closing the channel! | return }
  if ($left(%chan,1) !isin $chantypes) { echo 4 -ati * OperCloseChan: %chan is an invalid channel name! | return }
  if ($me !ison %chan) {
    set -eu10 %_operclosechan. $+ %chan %reason
    !JOIN %chan
  ; -----
  MSG %chan This channel has been determined to be in violation of the terms of service for this network and is being closed. $&
    If you have any questions please join #Help and speak to an IRCop.  (Reason: %reason $+ )
 var %x 1,%maxk 1,%kn
  while ($nick(%chan,%x)) {
    %kn = $addtok(%kn,$v1,44)
     if ($numtok(%kn,44) == %maxk) { 
       kick %chan %kn
       %kn =
    inc %x
  if (%kn) kick %chan %kn[/b]
  CS DROP %chan %chan
  MODE %chan +muski $regsubex(randomstring,$str(x,10),/x/g,$r(a,z))
  PART %chan
  echo -stic info * OperCloseChan: Closed channel %chan for %reason
  write operclosechan.log $asctime %chan %reason
} ; by Raccoon 2019

; End of /NAMES (you joined a channel)
RAW 366:*: {
  var %chan = $2
  if ($($+(%,_operclosechan.,%chan),2)) {
    unset $+(%,_operclosechan.,%chan)
    OperCloseChan %chan $v1
  ; ...
} ; by Raccoon 2019

MENU Channel {
  Oper Tools
  .Close Channel: {
    OperCloseChan $&
      $$input(Enter channel to permanently close.,ews,$active,Oper Tools: Close Channel,$active) $&
      $$input(Enter reason for closing the channel.,ews,$active,Oper Tools: Close Channel)
; by Raccoon 2019

; eof

I added a bit to kick everyone from the channel, if the user doing it is oper, i don't see anything preventing him from kicking so removing -qao seems not necessary?
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Scripts & Popups
23/06/19 03:37 PM
Hi Racoon,

Thanks for the help! I did some testing and this is what I got back:

<~Admin_Luka> This channel has been determined to be in violation of the terms of service for this network and is being closed. If you have any questions please join #Help and speak to an IRCop. (Reason: Violation of TheArkNet TOS)
>>> [mode/#Blah] Admin_Luka(+smiuk xhzxxqfeez)
>>> [mode/#Blah] ChanServ(-r)
>>> [part/#Blah] Admin_Luka(NetAdmin@TheArkNet.xyz)

It didn't remove any of the other users modes or kick them.

I don't have the commands you asked about in the last post. I'm using Anope with standard modules. I do have the suspend option in the cs.

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Scripts & Popups
23/06/19 10:52 AM
Four new themes based on Neko (https://github.com/catlinman/neko-config/tree/master/hexchat), some colors repeat so there may be some things to adjust but I like it enough for now.

[Linked Image]



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