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Re: Build mIRC with /guard:cf afterdeck 4 hours ago
If anyone is curious, here is the working set of "mitigation options"; tested on Win 10 10362.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <AppConfig Executable="mirc.exe">
    <DEP Enable="true" EmulateAtlThunks="false" />
    <ASLR ForceRelocateImages="true" RequireInfo="false" BottomUp="true" HighEntropy="true" />
    <StrictHandle Enable="true" />
    <ExtensionPoints DisableExtensionPoints="true" />
    <DynamicCode BlockDynamicCode="true" AllowThreadsToOptOut="false" Audit="false" />
    <ControlFlowGuard Enable="true" SuppressExports="false" />
    <SignedBinaries MicrosoftSignedOnly="true" AllowStoreSignedBinaries="false" Audit="false" AuditStoreSigned="false" EnforceModuleDependencySigning="true" />
    <Fonts DisableNonSystemFonts="true" AuditOnly="false" Audit="false" />
    <ImageLoad BlockRemoteImageLoads="true" AuditRemoteImageLoads="false" BlockLowLabelImageLoads="true" AuditLowLabelImageLoads="false" />
    <Payload EnableExportAddressFilter="true" AuditEnableExportAddressFilter="false" EnableExportAddressFilterPlus="true" AuditEnableExportAddressFilterPlus="false" EnableImportAddressFilter="true" AuditEnableImportAddressFilter="false" EnableRopStackPivot="true" AuditEnableRopStackPivot="false" EnableRopCallerCheck="true" AuditEnableRopCallerCheck="false" EnableRopSimExec="true" AuditEnableRopSimExec="false" />
    <SEHOP Enable="true" TelemetryOnly="false" />
    <Heap TerminateOnError="true" />
    <ChildProcess DisallowChildProcessCreation="true" Audit="false" />
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Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections Chokehold Yesterday at 06:58 PM
I agree as well, I have very much noticed difficulty tracking end braces when coding with nested if statements.
I would very much love a collapsible editor.
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