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Re: Getting wrong GMT - $asctime($ctime,HH:nn:ss zzz)) Raccoon 5 hours ago
Look like another DST daylight savings time bug, then. I bet it goes away in November.

Please tell me the values of $gmt do not match. If they do match it would be a weird DST bug.
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A little help with the Timer Mak453 7 hours ago
Hello everybody!

Here is the situation: On the net where I am a setting has been set to prevent the complete cleaning of bans at once by the operators of a channel (a kind of protection against "mass unban"), so if I try to unban more than a certain number of nicks, in a certain period of time, I would be automatically banned ...

And this is the help I need; it is possible to create an unban system that works like this: using a custom command, the timer starts unban a certain number of nicks at a time (10-15, to be set as desired), and then stops for a few seconds (even these maybe you can set as you like), and then start unban again 10-15 nicks continuing with this unban / stop procedure until the ban list is empty?

Unfortunately, I am not able to create it, so I thank those who would like to give me a hand!
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