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Scripts & Popups Hi Maroon Quote: - filesize is 777216
Scripts & Popups You can only know the total number of users on a channel when you receive RAW 366, you can start checking for number of users when you receive RAW 353, but if it's a large channel, the server can send you multiple RAW 353s. Code: raw 353:*:echo -t
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC causing taskbar to disappear by Khaled @ Today at 12:47 PM
The most common reason for this is that you have enabled full screen mode. If you move your mouse to the top of the screen, the mIRC menubar should appear. You can then choose the "View" menu and select the "Full Screen" option to
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Jump to new posts Re: .pos property $regml() $regmlex() unicode by Khaled @ Today at 11:37 AM
Thanks, this issue has been fixed for the next version.
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts How to know the total users of a chan in a join by dukealex @ Today at 10:20 AM
Hi! I want to know is a possibility to obtain the total number of users of a chan directly ON JOIN event (when i join a channel) without using a timer, i.e. before the nicklist is initiated on that channel. For example: Code:ON 1:JOIN:#: { if (
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC causing taskbar to disappear by Matt5150 @ Today at 09:12 AM
Hello, try this: /menubar <on|off> /toolbar <on|off> /treebar <on|off> /switchbar <on|off>
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Jump to new posts Option to disable Nagle by Raccoon @ Today at 08:02 AM
Wish to request an option to disable Nagle's Algorithm to IRC server connections. Could be a global setting, or could be a per-/server option, or could be a /raw -d command switch. Certain interactions are desired in a Nagle-free environment, such
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Jump to new posts mIRC causing taskbar to disappear by melbmatt51 @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Recently I have noticed that mIRC has made the taskbar and the menu bar at the top of the screen disappear. I am not sure what has caused this or how to fix it. The image below will show you what has happened.