I personally dont find it worth the time or effort to change the version reply but my standing on the matter is you have to pay for mirc. thus khaled is making money. if you pay for a program you should have every right to keep information about that program a secret or to prevent mass ctcps.
That to me is like buying an automobile and having it illegal to remove the dealership sticker. I khaled considers this because its dumb not to allow a persion to keep their privacy on what they are using....and how in the hell is the debug going to change you version reply? if you want to get past the new version reply on 6.14 the only way i see it to constantly refresh the ctcp version. kinda like if you versioned yourself and then versioned yourself 2 seconds after that. the first version will reply mirc 6.14 or whatever and the second wont if you got a ctcp *:version: