I wonder, has Khaled ever sued someone who doesn't obey license agreement?

I think the answer is 'no' because he doesn't have time to deal with them.

Lots of script coders do NOT obey mIRC License Agreement.
There are lots of scripts which distribute mirc.exe with their installation package. Also they translate mirc.exe illegally.

There is a Turkish script which is very popular in Turkey.
The author distribute mirc.exe with his script and with his own intallation package. Also he plan to translate mirc.exe to Turkish. I'm sure there are lots of scripts like that in other countries.

I told him that it is 'illegal'. He said, "I'm using mirc without key"
He means that he didn't register mIRC, so he doesn't need to obey the license agreement.
But he is wrong, so i told that to him. Then he said "I'll contact to mIRC's author soon."
I do not know what he will request or ask.
Also he claim that Khaled used his script and liked it.
(I do not think so)
The only thing I know is, he is a lamer...

It is sad that lots of mIRC users don't obey the rules. Lots of people ask about mIRC crack/key in help channels and how to change version reply.

Quote from Khaled's FAQ;
Question: Will mIRC be translated to other languages?
Answer: I'm currently working on making mIRC easy to translate, so we should be seeing mIRC in languages other than English in the near future.

I hope he will add that function soon, so they'll not edit mirc.exe anymore for translation.
And maybe Khaled should rewrite license agreement clearly for fools.

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