i couldnt begin to guess the number of times this has happened when a user has a prob and the version they are using has to be known to reply correctly:
@: do you know how to check ___ in options?
x:what's that?
@: what version of mIRC are you using?
x: i'm using mIRC
@: yes, but which version of mIRC?
x: yes
@see that last icon at the top of your screen? the yellow one? click on that and tell me what version you see there.
x:whats an icon?
@: ok, are you using any scripts?
x: nope
@: your version reply shows that you are using v___ and XYZ script. that script has been reported as causing what you describe with that version of mIRC
x: oh. thats a script?

As for server admins, they are responsible for following the network's guidelines. If they choose to not allow a certain version of mIRC, thats their right. Seems to me they have as much right to want to see correct version reply as they do to scan for open proxies. Users have to comply with the networks rules or find another network. Technically, i could see them considering hiding a version reply as a form of evasion.

moving along to another point raised by someone, from the license agreement:
"....none of its contents may be modified, decompiled, or reverse engineered."
i dont know why anyone would think that didnt include the version reply.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet