Your points make no sense and don't even touch on my arguement.

[color:006600]as being a DoS kiddy in the past i know a couple good reasons why someone would or should hide their version reply.[/color]

I applaud your honesty, but then you should certainly know that DoS kiddies don't plan their attack based on version replies. DoS kiddies know that version replies can be faked, and simply launch every known practical attack... until one works. Hiding your version does not hide your vulnerability.

[color:006600]also, if u know enough about masking your version then u should already know what version your running.[/color]

It is not the user who needs to know their own version; it is the IRC server, its administration, and help channel ops who need to know this information... for your own benifit. It is THESE people who are aware of your client's vulnerabilities... and it is THEY who will tell you about them if they only knew what version you were running when you entered. Helpers do not bother to ask, "Are you really running BitchX? because mIRC has a bug in it."

Hiding your version from a white-hat will serve you no aid in discovering your system's vulnerabilities. The passing good semariton will volunteer their experience when they discover you're using a vulnerable client. Black-hatters shoot blindly, trusting nothing they read. This begins to touch on the same theory that defines Open Source.

[color:006600]at another stand point its just a way to customise the look and feel of your program.[/color]

Yes. I too have peeled the Ford Escort plaque off the back of my car, and replaced it with Mercedes Bends... but damn-- I speant a fortune on the new headlights the repair shop sold me, and they wouldn't even fit!

- Raccoon

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!