if everyone was like him then we would have to pay for visiting [censored] webpages.

If that were true then you wouldn't have been able to make that post would you? In fact the idea is starting to grow on me. I'd be willing to pay to never see idiots like you again.

its nerds like this that are ruining the internet, supposedly a nice free medium

No it's <people> like you who are ruining the internet, never taking responsibility for anything you do, expecting everything to be given to you and to never give anything in return - all the while never truly understanding the ideas which created the internet or understanding how it works or the money that is required to keep every page on the internet running. Every single one. How did you connect to the net, was the ISP's service free? Do you complain to them that it's not? Would you still like the internet if there were no webpages or IRC servers because everything on it had to be free and nobody could afford to host anything anymore? Didn't think so.

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