It's a sad thing that so many people equate "user friendly" and "unusable".

It's perfectly reasonable to link 'user friendly' with 'unusable'. To me, a program is unusable if it molly-coddles you through each and every one of its functions. I, and probably many others, don't want to feel as though I am being wrapped in cotton wool when using my computer. If, on the other hand, I become stuck when using a program I consult its help documentation. It's why it is there, right? Should that be considered 'elitist'?

Because it so easily (and often) becomes elitist dravel.

What is elitist about not wanting to be patronised by a piece of software? There is a vast difference between making a program obvious to use and literally having to show someone where to place the mouse pointer to perform a certain action (for example). In my opinion (and other people's in this thread too), mIRC is easy to use as it is and doesn't need to be made any more 'user friendly'. smile

It's just that getting there isn't as easy as adding more shortcut buttons.

Where did I say anything about shortcut buttons? confused

To draw this to a close, all my posts were to say that mIRC really IS 'user friendly' and it doesn't NEED to be made more so. If people still find it hard to use... they shoud consult the help file!