I personally don't think mIRC, and indeed most other programs, need to be made more "user friendly". It's my personal opinion that this "user friendly" attitude to computer programs has bred a culture of users who are totally incapable of utilizing a help file or any other documentation written for any given piece of software.

The evidence of that is present on this forum where people have posted questions that are easily found in the help file. On the other hand, I guess laziness could also be a factor.

So, in an attempt to bring this meandering post to a conclusion:

1) mIRC really is at a level where it is easy enough to pick up and use without reading the help file (*sigh*)

2) Making mIRC any more user friendly would, imo, make it almost patronising to use

3) If people STILL find it hard to use mIRC, direct them to its help file. It's what it was written for.