Like Racoon said, if there were a bunch of new buttons most people would complain to no end.

Also, however, I have a question or two. First off, how is right clicking to get a popup less convenient? With popups, you have a big window that you can click on anywhere, and the popups themselves (usually) state their purpose pretty clearly. If you had buttons in the toolbar though, they would be smaller and thus slightly more difficult to click (at least on a bigass resolution with a tiny monitor ^.^b) Also, they do not state their purpose clearly usually, unless you wait for the tooltip. So you'd have to hover over the button for a couple seconds, and continue doing so till you found the one you want. So inconvenient.

Also, as stated by someone else whose name I don't remember, there are scripts out there. I'd hazard to guess that if you have problems memorizing the basic commands like join, part, and hop, then you probably can't script to make your own, but you can google (Idle note, amazing how google has become a verb) something like "mIRC front end"

Finally, I was thinking maybe if you need something a bit more "friendly" (*read "flamingly annoying and filled with buttons all over the place that you have no clue as to what they do") you might just google "IRC clients" and look through the results until you find a different one. I hear vIRC is very.. erm.. buttonfull, among others.

I am the self-appointed God of needlessly complex mIRCscript.