maffew: nice script wink sockets are great.

But for the real reply. Most of the time, many of the people who actually have mIRC have some gay script that includes a hacked up mirc.exe that would probably have such a feature 'disabled' anyway.

While an auto update feature might be a 'nice' idea, then people will start to wonder "What is this communicating over the internet?"

You can never win when you have automatic items like this, and people wouldn't update anyway.

I can almost guarantee you that if mIRC included an auto update, the pirates out there would start screaming on this board about mIRC communicating with the servers, thinking Khaled is 'spying' on them.

Of course, I'm sure he has much better things to do with his time, but you know how it is.

But otherwise, I prefer auto update features for many people since most of them are too damn retarded to update anything anyway smile