and there's enough people out there who'd reverse engineer the mirc.exe to make you *think* you are downloading a server list when you would in fact be downloading something else

Do not read part-sentences and respond to them - you might miss some important information.

If u understood what i said then u would know that I never read part of anything - I read the entire thing and respond. mIRC program will be programmed to check for updates from the offical site, also, I don't think this would be a DDos attack on the mirc website - remember, The download program getright downloads the server list from the getright website and u know GetRight has over 20,000,000 users - they don;'t seem to get hanged up by too many users?

And you know - I think it would be more convenient to check from within mIRC than going to your email because of 2 reasons:

1) You might not be a subscriber to mIRC subscribtion because u might not like junk mail.

2) Your internet explorer is slow or your internet connection is slow for some reason and u can;t access your email

3) or u can't be bothered so u just use mIRC updater

AND this updater isn;t just for mirc program, it is for the server list to! And if any1 has read wat i wrote in my first message they would know that mirc will never check for updates without user intervention - so It only checks when YOU say so.

So how about please? smile