1. update checkers are annoying as hell. I have a program that I don't want to update, but everytime I start it it pops up a nagging screen advising me to update.

2. how often would you display such a thing - assuming you put it in the statusbar or something or wherever. Once? or everytime mIRC starts? or always? If once, one could miss it. If always - I only need to see it once and make up my mind, I don't need to be reminded of it for the rest of my natural IRC life.

3. auto-downloading the servers.ini without the user's intervention is a bad idea. Auto-downloading of any files is a bad idea, but ini files are already used to spread viruses/trojans/worms/whatever, including one that goes by server.ini (see the likeness?), and there's enough people out there who'd reverse engineer the mirc.exe to make you *think* you are downloading a server list when you would in fact be downloading something else.

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