While it can be fun to blame problems on znc, this issue does not appear to be related to that. At first, your issue was making it sound like the nick colors were being randomly stirred again, but your reply to my debug commands showed that the 'new' colors were simply those defined by other settings if the random colors option hadn't been enabled. If you go back into nick colors and click to edit+save that rule again, do the random colors automagically come back again?

I managed to trigger this happening 1 time, but couldn't get it to happen again. I had only the 1 rule defined in nick colors. I opened the alt+K window, but closed it without doing anything. I didn't notice anything happening then, but when I later alt-tab'ed back the nicklist was back to being plain vanilla, and clicking the rule open again and saving it again didn't help. But after I deleted the rule and unchecked nick colors, then re-created the rule again and re-checked nick colors, everything was working again.

I wasn't able to get this to happen again, so I didn't have a chance to see if only 1 of those 2 actions would have been sufficient. But when I had eahm try doing those actions it didn't re-enable the random colors.

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