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I installed a portuguese keyboard layout to test this out and it is working fine for me here on Windows 10 in the latest beta.

I press the sticky accent key first and then I press the letter e. It never fails to produce an accented letter. If I press the keys simultaneously, it is pretty much random whether an accented or non-accented key appears, but this applies to all the applications I have tried.

If you restart your computer and test again, is the issue still present? I mention this because quite a few people have had issues with the AltGr Key in Windows 10.

Well I write very fast and I just noticed this problem, in this latest beta version 7.63.956 because words like "não = no" or "possível = possible" the accents failed and I went back to erase and put it again, and then that was when I went to test to repeat the key sequence quickly (accent key followed by the letter key) several times to see if something was wrong, that's when I noticed that in mIRC I didn't always put the accent in the letters "é", "í "or" ã "and then I went to test in the notepad, in Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Photoshop and noticed that only in mIRC did the accents fail.

So as I say, you can only notice this flaw that is repeated several times in the sequence (accent key followed by the letter key), because if it is slow, it works well, but for those who write fast, sometimes it fails. But as I say, I am only noticing this small flaw in the last beta.

In beta version 7.63.416 I tested it and I don't notice any accentuation failure even though repeating the sequence quickly.

I already restarted the PC and everything remains the same, it did not solve the problem.

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