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I tried to recreate the speed dial of this simbol through a script:

alias test {
  if (!$window(@test)) .window -Cde2 @test 0 0 700 500
  .editbox -f @test $+($editbox(@test),$chr(233))
  if ($len($editbox(@test)) > 250) { echo @test $editbox(@test) | halt }
  .timerTEST -m 1 1 test

But the problem could not be identified, all letters are displayed as they should.
It looks like to recreate this problem, I need a Portuguese keyboard model similar to yours, if it is keyboard related of course, or more like some kind of glitch due to typing speed on such a keyboard model.

If the problem was with the keyboard, then this flaw would also be identified in beta version 7.63.416. The problem is in the last beta version of the internal changes that were made and that only programmers know what they are.
If there was a problem with the keyboard then on Windows 10 Notepad, Firefox and Microsoft Word, it would also detect the same flaw and I only detected that flaw in mIRC 7.63.956

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