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Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce this yet. Here are the steps I am following:

1) Run mIRC
2) In the status Windows, press the AltGr key (the right Alt key), and then press the letter "e".

If I hold down the letter "e", it generates an accented "é" repeatedly.
If I let go of the letter "e", and then press it again, it generates an "é" again.
If I let go of both the letter "e" and the AltGr key, and then press them again, it generates an "é".

Which language Windows/keyboard are you using?

If you restart your computer, does the problem go away?

That is not how I accentuate words, nor is it repeatedly that I intend. I press the accent key and the "e" key simultaneously, several times, however in the mIRC editbox it doesn't always accentuate the words. The same happens with the accent "~" in the letter "a".

The language for Windows 10 Pro 2004 (19041.546) is English. The keyboard is a Razer Huntsman PT Black.

This only happens in mIRC and Windows or any other program does not appear.

I detected this problem, because when I am writing text, I noticed that when I accentuated certain words the accent was not on the letters and when I went to test on the mIRC letter by letter I realized that the mIRC sometimes fails to accentuate the letters.

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