I tried to recreate speed typing of this character using a script because I don't have one on my keyboard:

alias test {
  if (!$window(@test)) .window -Cde2 @test 0 0 700 500
  .editbox @test $+($editbox(@test),$chr(233))
  if ($len($editbox(@test)) > 250) { echo @test $editbox(@test) | halt }
  .timerTEST -m 1 1 test

But the problem could not be identified, all letters are displayed as they should. And in general, I don't find any problems with typing letters in the beta version.
It looks like to recreate this problem, I need a Portuguese keyboard model similar to yours, if it is keyboard related of course, or more like some kind of glitch due to typing speed on such a keyboard model.

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