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the key difference with on SOCKCLOSE is that it is triggered in response to external stimuli

But ON SOCKOPEN is not. Neither is ON SOCKWRITE. They don't trigger randomly, they trigger in response to typing /sockopen or /sockwrite respectively. Sure, there might be a delay, sometimes significant, but it's not "external stimuli". The trigger is specifically coming from your end, namely the /sockwrite or /sockopen-- it can never happen in any other manner. There is an inconsistency here. Personally, I'd rather see things in the form of ON SOCKWRITE/ON SOCKOPEN, because they are much more useful.

Saying ON SOCKOPEN or ON SOCKWRITE are triggered in response to /sockopen or /sockwrite is equivalent to saying that ON TEXT is triggered by //msg $me hello. In both cases events occur outside the scope of mIRC with unpredictable delay. Just because /sockopen or /sockwrite started a chain of events doesn't mean that no external stimuli were involved at a later point.