Although that does well for making everyone happy, it also means there's a difference in how the non-use of the me prefix works depending on the event. For example, using me for on OP will trigger only for you. That would still be true for on OPEN with this example. However, with on OP, not using it means it triggers for everyone including you (based on the level prefix, of course). Not using it for on OPEN, however will trigger for everyone except you. Although the difference in minor and most scripters won't care one way or another, it does add to potential confusion for any new scripters because of the difference in how it works. Of course, since it's undocumented and isn't changing how it currently works, maybe it doesn't matter. I'd just expect any event that takes the me prefix to have the same 2 possibilities - me = just me, no me = everyone including me.

I don't really care either way. I do any flood protection on the TEXT event anyhow rather than the OPEN event and it works very well. Just thinking that having that difference between how it works between events might not be a good thing. Still, anything done or not done will likely not be a perfect solution for everyone, and this is probably the best solution I've seen in this thread even though I personally don't think worrying about backwards compatibility is a good excuse for not making the change in this event. It really won't affect all that many scripts and the improvement can help all of those AND more scripts, so it's a win-win for everyone once the scripts are updated and updating them is very easy.

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