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either you monitor when YOU OPEN THE WINDOW

How do you do that without overriding aliases? I had already pointed out that overriding /query is extremely poor form, and a very brittle solution at that, since any secondary script that also overrides the alias would effectively wipe your code. A solution that only works "if you don't load any other scripts" isn't much of a working solution, hence the motivation for the suggestion.

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I don't see how lack of open or close event for a query window would make it so you cannot write a flood protection.

Nobody said that you cannot write flood protection scripts if this change is made. What was said was that a small amount of scripts may break due to this change, because of the fact that ON OPEN is generally /halt'ed in these situations.

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Again, I should point out that a (far more) backwards compatible way to implement this feature addition would be to trigger ON OPEN for the user opening a query window locally, but *not* the ON ^:OPEN variant. The OP is not looking for a way to halt opened windows, just a reliable and centralized way to detect them.

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