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This are compatibility issues, not everyone knows how to fix them.

My point was that there are enough alternatives that people don't need to fix them on their own. Plenty of such scripts will *not* break, or be promptly updated upon a new release. Your link shows over 20 separate scripts, that's a lot of options for the layman.

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'server-side ignore', what if the network doesn't support it? 'mIRC flood control', you can't customize it (change my nickname, etc.) '/ignore', before flood occurs?

Again, these are *options*. Not all options will automatically work for everybody, but in most cases at least one option will be available. In the case where none of these options work, we can talk about the fact that there are tons of scripts out there to pickup the slack. And I'll bet there would be plenty that would be updated soon after mIRC released a new version, if the behaviour changed.

I just think the idea that a broken script will never be updated is a little faulty. It's certainly a concern for monolithic scripts that no longer get maintained (ircN, PnP, etc.), but small snippets like query blocking should not pose a problem. There are enough alternatives and enough interest to update such scripts.

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