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And setting on open to trigger when you open a query isn't going to affect a query flood protection script. It's not like you're going to open enough queries yourself fast enough to trigger that kind of script.

Something like:
on ^*:OPEN:?:*: fself $nick $me $wildsite $address

fself alias increments number, closes window, ignores, sends messeges....

If you open two querys that adds 2 to flood check, if you get 4+ querys from bots, that adds too.

What about 'PM / Query Blocker' scripts?
What about messeges sent when query opens, like away messeges?

n0=Info:/uwho $$1
n1=Whois:/whois $$1
n2=Query:/query $$1
n4=Ignore:/ignore $$1 1 | /closemsg $$1
n7=.Ping:/ctcp $$1 ping
n8=.Time:/ctcp $$1 time
n9=.Version:/ctcp $$1 version
n11=.Send:/dcc send $$1
n12=.Chat:/dcc chat $$1

n2=Query:/query $$1 (The qpopup is the notify menu too)

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selecting "query" from the Notify window

This is what argv0 was referring to.

Possible solution?
on me:*:OPEN:?:*: echo -s You just opened this query window