Please don't tell me you're suffering. The fact that you had to make 2 small modifications to your configuration to get it working again is not "suffering", that's just childish whining. Suffering is the inability to use an application at all.

I use Vista and I think it's superior to XP in just about every way. Does that make me a "stupid" user? Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm able to adapt to new (and better) usage habits. It seems more like you're just bashing Vista not because its worse, but because it's different. Is it that surprising that a new OS will be different? Do you think you're automatically justified in complaining if an OS changes functionality? The obvious sane answer to both questions is "no". The fact that you're unable to properly use the OS doesn't make it bad. I've had great success with the OS and frankly I think people need to stop hating Vista because they've seen one too many Mac vs. PC commercials. The ignorant judgement is getting old.

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