Yes i would like to know how to run my Bot on Windows XP

Its been over a year since i last used mIRC proper but i have
been back to these boards just to read posts, however since mIRC
has been upgraded to Vista Compatability i can no longer
run my bot, i installed mIRC to my usual place

C:\Program Files\Bot
and my main program i use
C:\Program Files\ShadowDemonmIRC

that used to work, but since Vista (thanks Microsoft for
screwing up) everytime i run my main script and my Bot scripts,
The mIRC options menu pops up on both programs when ran, and
here is where my problem is NICKNAME

ShadowDemonIRC the nickname should be ShadowDemon and the bots

BUT, upon running both im presented with ShadowDemon on both options,
it wont save, a quick look around my windows i come across the path

C:\Documents and Settings\Paul\Application Data\mIRC

WHOSE bright idea was it to put stuff like mIRC scripts and
stuff that USED TO WORK into this stupid folder, oh yeah
old billy gates, Microsoft should leave well alone, im glad
i dont have Vista and i wont be upgrading to it either.

Khaled could you please put mIRC back to how the program USED to
work, and maybe detect Vista, and those stupid enough to run THAT
be presented with these stupid options.

As you can prolly read I AM NOT HAPPY, infact if i cant resolve
this issue, then im afraid to say that its been nice these past
few years to be part of the mIRC community but i might not be
coming back or using mIRC EVER AGAIN.

Im using Windows XP Pro and mIRC V6.35 (now)

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