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The only people that you can blame for screwing up the way mIRC worked with Windows XP to the way it is currently set-up to work under Vista, is Microsoft.

If they hadn't changed how files had to be stored in the OS, then Khaled wouldn't have had to alter mIRC to match the format used.

Yes thanks RusselB, it is Microsoft, who is really at fault, its because of the way "other" users like to click on virus infected files, and click on phishing links, that Microsoft in their infinte wisdom thought hmm how can we make a new OS safer and better environment for all, and then change how files are stored on a users PC, even tho they worked fine with no problems on XP.

Yes thanks Mr Gates* and your empire of Microsoft, thanks for screwing everything up and causing pain and suffering to some people, i dread to think what Windows 7 (or whatver it will be called) brings, oh yeah i wont be able to keep my "My Documents" folder on a seperate partition or have a custom pc build, NOT EVERYBODY HAS VANILLA PC`s Microsoft take care of your customers (those that bought any versions of windows)

*Yes i also know Mr Gates has stepped down and whatever. but he still created Microsoft so im blaming him too.

Anyways before we all get off topic, Starbucks resolved my problem, so no need to comment any further on the security and vulnrabilitys of windows operating systems and users inabilitys to secure their systems.

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