The answer given by the last 2 posters should have sufficed

Yes ill ill give Starbucks and/or DK`s a shot

But why should someone with multiple accounts suffer? That's the point.

True, why should multiple accounts users suffer, but i only have one user, me and im suffering

You're not the only one using mIRC

yep that true, but im also not the only one using XP Pro and refusing to pay for Vista (unless it comes with a new Desktop or Laptop.

Vista was built my Mircosoft to assess the stupid (and i mean that in a good way), users of older versions of windows, ie, Pre windows Vista from clicking on anything and everything that might be harmful to a PC, ie virus adware, spyware, phishing scams and god knows what else, i however have some computer savvy, hell i worked in a computer shop fixing pc`s everyday, and as some of you on this board are also computer savvy when it comes to security you know the importance of Good AV and firewall software, anti spyware and such, but the amount of posts i have seen on this board from "new" users asking how can i run an fserve, or why cant i access #karaoke, or i want to download mp3`s from sum guy who said if i gave him my credit card details he would charge me £1 (yes im UK) for it, NO im not that stupid, and my Windows XP Pro, does fine for me so why should i upgrade the OS.

Also on a side note to anybody reading this thread, i just had to re-install my windows a few weeks ago, and decied to get back into scripting for mIRC, that why i had an old and then new version the V6.34/5 versions of mIRC, i dont want my bot using an old version of a program that introduced "new features" now that would be a security breach on my very safe PC

Thanks for reading, and thanks argv0 for your help

Never argue with an idiot...they'll drag you down to their level and beat you up with experience