ummm, why the continued aversion to using command line switches

Lol, never do command line switches in programs, so never needed it in mIRC.

Blaming Vista for your unsafe computer habits (especially after Microsoft has finally got around to fixing theirs) is a tad bit unfair

Unsafe computer habit, hold up there DK, my computer is prolly the one of the safest Locked Down computers on the net, i run the latest Comodo Security Suite (Firewall, Antivirus and a few extras), Spybot - Search and Destroy, I dont use IE as a browser, I spoof my Browser agent and run a little network program called Network Magic, which access my router and lets me choose who i can and cant let into my network, hell it locked out my Playstation 3 from access the net, also using Comodo, i have ran a test on Shieldsup, a webite that checks for open ports on a pc, and my *** is covered.

however i will try the command line, thankyou DK

Never argue with an idiot...they'll drag you down to their level and beat you up with experience