i understand your point

but as i said, i dont know regex .. so therefore i cant help u with regex

and the number of visible processes doesnt always determin speed, you see by useing $regex .. all your doing is passing hte parseing to mirc .. it still has to loop though to evaluate the regular expresion and do other things, where as you can do it externaly

now obviously compiled code runs alot faster than scripted code .. as the scripted code itself also has to be parsed by mirc .. but u get the point

also, although it takes more steps, it is posible that sending fewer sockets would be faster .. u'd have to test it to know for sure. its not always the most commands that are the slowest but which commands .. some commands take longer than others .. so u gota kinda balance it out .. i could be way off on this .. but i'd try it anyways just to see :P