yeah, sorry i didnt explain myself better b4, but i few things i forgot to mention, i already have one that works with a while loop, lol, and i do know a bit about $regex and $regsub but not enough to sort that with one call, if its possible which i think it MIGHT be, this is the while loop i made:

tokenize 32 %read
 var %a = 6, %b 
while (%a <= $0) {
        %b = %b $remove($gettok($gettok($1-,%a,32),4,44),:)
        inc %a
      dowrite ncpxc1mirc : $+ $1-5 : $+ %b 

where %read is set to the whole line i showed you above, and dowrite write to the specified socket...etc

But like i had said, sometimes it does take a while to send all the data as it has to loop over and over, and when joinning, that data is sent to many X number of times, as it only send 6 nicknames at a time, so if there are 100 ppl in room, i will be calling that loop MANY times, which WILL lag and possibly flood me out of the room.....see where i am heading with this...?

again sorry i forgot to mention that b4 smile