ok first of all, your asking us to write the script for you rather than give u help on a script your trying to make for it...

second of all, you gave us only 1 example, without knowing the different ways the string could vary we dont know which parts are constant and which are varable, so theres no posible way we can make a working identifer to parse out what u want without this information in the first place.

u showed us what u wanted out of the first example but u didnt explain why that bit was sugnificant, just like your mind is able to look at it and see .. ok this is the part i want, you have to tell a script how to recnoize which parts to grab and which to leave .. to do this you have to define rules

I could just simply guess at what other strings may look like and return similar data .. but it would only be a guess not probly not 100% accurate.

so alot more detail would be apricated :P