well no, you pretty much right with the sockets there, but it doesnt send the info 1 time per join

lets say that basically it is a RAW i am getting from the server...the raw will only send a MAXIMUM of SIX(6) names at a time, so if there is 36 ppl in the room, then i will get that raw SIX times when i join ONCE, and have to call the loop also SIX times, you see what i mean with that one, so if i join a room with 100 ppl in it, then i will get that raw like 18 times or watever, so then i call that loop 18 times also, and lets say that each time the loop goes through(each time i call the loop and complete the loop) it loops through itself atleast SIX times also, so if i call the loop 18 times, and for each time i call it it loops 6 times, then sends the result, thats looping like 108 times with a fair amount of data.....

do you better see what i mean now and how its working.....and WHY i am trying to find a faster way to get the info(result) i need, like a single call to $regex/sub,

so if i had a command like that, if the data was send 18 times, then it is processed 18 times, not 108 times. see...?