Well its hard to say the exact details, or i would have, but it all depends on what room i join, and how many ppl are in them, cause those are pplz names, the data will always look SIMILAR to that,, with different names, . befor name if owner status, @ if op status, nothing if participant, and then the H,GU,Y those are never the save, they vary per person, i can give many example, like the one i gave up there, but the best part of info i can give, is that infront of each name, there is always going to be the *,*,*,namehere

along with the fact that there wont alway be 6 names, or 5 names, or 2 names or whatever, but no matter how many names will be there, and whatever the names are, it will always be something like:


not in any specific order