hey, i need to sort through some text i recieve from a raw on my server, now i have a pretty good idea this will be done with $regex or $regsub, but i cant quite get it, this is an EXAMPLE of the text i have to sort:

 :G,U,MY,.₤ờяđЖŘąΰэא H,U,MY,Dec2 G,U,PX,.Dec H,U,PY,.฿łã¢ҜŞãЂЂãŧђ H,U,MY,.™ÐÈÇÓÐÊR¿

and the end result needs to look something like:

.₤ờяđЖŘąΰэא Dec2 .Dec .฿łã¢ҜŞãЂЂãŧђ .™ÐÈÇÓÐÊR¿

Note: there wont always be a . beside each name, and also note that i am trying to make this information be processed and sorted as FAST as possible, so i guess you can say i am looking to have the info processed with one call to something, without any loops or anything, IF its possible, and i know it must be smile