I had hoped to resolve some of the basic issues first, but here is the latest:
;;;; chanlist
raw 321:*:{
  window -hn "Channels list" 
  if ($appactive == $true) { window -a %active }
  window -hls @chanlist1 
  window @chanlist 10 100 788 200
raw 322:*:{
  aline @chanlist1 $right(... $+ $3,4) - $2 - $4-
raw 323:*:{
  write -c @chanlist.txt
  savebuf @chanlist1 @chanlist.txt
  clear @chanlist1
  .timerrelist 0 50 chanrelist
alias chanrelist {
  set %active $active
  clear @chanlist

alias reversesort {
  var %clistlines = $lines(@chanlist.txt)
  while (%clistlines) {
    aline @chanlist $read -l $+ %clistlines @chanlist.txt
    dec %clistlines
  sline @chanlist 10

I did notice that if the Status window was the active window that it gave the error for /window but I did not see it if a channel window was the active window or if the custom @window was the active window.

This should now list the User count - channel name - topic (if any) in the largest to least order.

As far as the $appactive not working, it does work for me. That being said I did note that mIRC grabbed focus while I had notepad open, it should be noted that I opened notepad from inside mIRC, so that might have some effect. (shrug)

That is really great, thank you.. the chart looks like it will be useful for the future too, definitely! Thanks!!!

I was wondering, how would I set that timer up so it went off at random intervals between a certain amount of seconds? e.g. between 60 to 120 seconds, a different interval each time?

If you can help, or anyone else can help too, it would be greatly appreciated.. I have tried looking at other scripts that do random times but just can't figure it out frown confused