On a server I need to watch channels so I set up a timer to refresh the list, I have it not maximised so I can see notify, list and chat windows al at once.
I already worked out how to make it refresh automatically, using a timer
/timerList 0 30 /list

However the script is pretty annoying because whenever it refreshes the list of channels (with the numbers of people in each channel, the important part), every time it does that it grabs the focus of the window and so I have to click back on the text box each time if I want to type..
Extremely annoying if in the middle of typing something too smile

Was wondering if there's any way to refresh the list without it stopping you typing until you click back on the window you had selected before?
Thanks, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, I've looked through the help files but can't find anything, maybe there's some way to get around that annoying grab-focus part of /list though...

Can anyone help please? confused