Using the latest version, 6.16... (and Windows XP Home)

Ok, currently the script is
;;;; chanlist
raw 321:*: window -hn "Channels list" | if ($appactive == $true) { window -a %active }
raw 322:*:{
window -ls @chanlist 10 100 788 200
aline @chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3,4) $2 $4-
raw 323:*:{
.timerrelist 0 540 chanrelist
alias chanrelist {
set %active $active
clear @chanlist

I tried putting the
@chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3,4) $2 $4- bit like
@chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3) $2 $4- but that made nothing show at all. It's already sorted by the amount of users but I would like the channels with the most amount of users to be at the top (like with normal /list) and not the bottom like the script currently sorts it... Not sure how to do this or if it's possible since the help file only says about -s for sort, not that you can actually change *how* it's sorted?

Whenever I do /list it also currently says
"Listing channels
* /window: invalid parameters
End of /List
in status, not sure what is actually wrong in the above code

does anyone know if there's a quote character that you can use in mirc or something like that so it doesn't count as code? like I want to put a dash between the channel name and topic variables but it messes things up when I do
(also noticed in other things for example putting brackets around $time like [$time] or ($time) anything, it messes that up too)