hmm of course stopping the list would defeat the whole thing..

I mucked about with the whole thing and mIRC doesnt let you stop the channels list window completely

also I still got an error msg (im a bit rusty) with the refocus on the active window, even though it did return focus to the window that was active ..
;;;; chanlist
raw 321:*:{ window -hn "Channels list" | window -a %active }
raw 322:*:{
  window -ls @chanlist 100 100 325 200
  aline @chanlist $2 $3
raw 323:*:{
  .timerrelist 0 15 chanrelist
alias chanrelist {
  set %active $active
  clear @chanlist
that's pretty cool, it seems to work... However it then makes mirc grab focus even if I'm using another program at the time whenever it refreshes... and always goes back to a little square box however many times I resize it or use Position > save

also doesn't organise with the highest amount of users at the top which is quite important and missing the topics which I can do without I guess

not really sure what to do *sits on hands* crazy